Minecraft: Earth Boost Minis – Carry-Along Potion Case


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Now you can store and carry the perfect collection of Minecraft Boost Mini Figures in an exciting new case! Shaped like in-game potion, the Minecraft Carry-Along Potion is the perfect case to hold, display, and carry up to 5 Boost Mini Figures, including our classic Mini Figures that sit right on the shelf. And Boost MinisNFC-enabled Mini Figures that unlock a temporary boost for your character in the Minecraft augmented reality Earth mobile gameslide right into place in the cases designated grooves. Minecraft fans will be proud to display all their Minis in this versatile display case that clips easily onto a belt, a pocket, or a backpack! Rotate the cap to lock and unlock the potion pack. A great gift for Minecraft fans. Case comes with an exclusive Potion-Brewing Witch Boost Mini Figure.