Kotobukiya Mazinkaiser Plastic Model Kit


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Model Specifications:
■ Kaiser Pilder can be displayed combined or in flight mode. The Kaiser Pilder can also be separated.
■ Users can recreate various moments in the series with interchangeable parts such as when the large sword appears from the Z mark on the chest or reenact when the Final Kaiser Blade appears.
■ The base of the “sword-holding hand” to hold the Final Kaiser Blade uses a moveable joint to allow for a wide range of action poses.
■ The large wings, “Kaiser Scrander”, can be equipped on the model and has a wingspan of 360mm with a moveable base.
■ Some parts use pullout joints to maintain the model’s proportions while allowing for a wide range of movement.
■ This model is compatible with Flying Base Neo.

(This item is a reproduction.)