Kotobukiya Frame Arms Type 48 Model 1 Kagutsuchi-Kou :RE2 1/100 Scale Model Kit


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Since the release of “NSG-X1 HRESVELGR”, this is the newest addition to the Frame Arms lineup which comes with a completely new sculpt! The model’s main weapon, the large-sized rifle, can be attached to the model’s back using the appropriate attachment. Equip the support unit “Sub-Arm” on the model’s forearm to recreate the “Equip Sequence” of transferring the rifle from the model’s back to its arms. Users can now enjoy recreating even more realistic scenes through this “Weapon Equip/Unequip” feature. High-speed mobility roller units are equipped on the feet parts while the hip part is equipped with a large-sized skirt armor with 2 booster units. Each of these parts can be expanded and adjusted to recreate various combat situations. Each part of the multiple-layer large-sized shield is removable. By attaching grips, the shield can be transformed into smaller shields that prioritize mobility. Also, the parts use 3mm connection joints to be able to attach to other Frame Arms.