Bandai Space Battleship Yamato Star Blazers 2199 Cosmo Zero Alpha Fighter 1/72 Model Kit


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From “Star Blazers 2199,” comes the carrier-based aircraft, Cosmo Zero α1 (Kodai). The all-area master fighter developed by UNCN. Nose, wings and fins can be folded for using as carrier-based aircraft. The codename α1 given to Kodai is faithfully replicated. Display stand is included for recreating flight form. Angles of the stand can be changed. All weapons and storage form are also faithfully replicated. Equipment such as high-movability unit and various missiles are included. Storage form with nose and wings folded can be recreated by exchangeable parts. Opening/closing of the back nozzle is recreated. Comes with a highly detailed Susumu Kodai figure, with facial details faithfully replicated in the small size, same scale as Cosmo Zero.