Ultimate Guard SuperHive XenoSkin Grey 550+ Deck Box Case


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Our Superhive offers space for everything you will need during your gaming encounters. With compartments for multiple deck cases, two play-mats and accessories, the Superhive is offering you endless usages. Ideal in combination with our Sidewinders, you can place up to 550+ double-sleeved, 650+ single-sleeved cards or 1100+ unsleeved cards in standard size into the box.* The ZnapClaw, our inhouse-developed strong magnetic closure, keeps the Superhive closed at all times. Some examples of what this amazing box can hold: 5x Sidewinder 80+ or 4x Sidewinder 100+ plus extra storage space 5x Boulder 100+ or 6x Boulder 80+ or 7x Boulder 60+ or 11x Boulder 40+ 550+ double-sleeved cards or 650+ single-sleeved cards or 1100+ unsleeved cards* 2x Flip’n’Tray 80+ or 5x Flip Deck Case 80+ or 4x Flip Deck Case 100+ plus extra storage space 230+ Top-Loaders (standard size, 12 mil) 5x Deck Case 100+ or 6x Deck Case 80+ plus extra storage space