Tsuro Veterans of the Seas – Additional Tile Set Expansion Pack


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EXPANSION TILE SET: (Requires Tsuro of the Seas to play) Excitement and chaos lie ahead! New elements raise the difficulty level of the game. New defenses and devastating forces of nature await.
EXPAND THE ADVENTURE: More danger & challenges are here with the tsunami (tidal wave) and uzushio (whirlpool) tiles. Arm yourself with taihou (cannon) & the mystic portal to help you sail to victory!
LEVEL UP: Taihou (cannon) defend against Daikaiju (monsters), tsunami (tidal wave) gains strength as it moves. Mystic Portal helps evade the Daikaiju, the uzushio (whirpool) consumes all!
MORE FUN: New tiles provide defense against the Daikaiju & offer even more unique experiences with every play. Prepare for fun decisions & entense escapes as you navigate the Mystic Seas!
WHO CAN PLAY? The Veterans of the Sea expansion kit is additional tile set for Tsuro of the Seas. New life is added to your existing board game; entertains 2-8 players, ages 8 and up.