Transformers Official Hasbro-Takara Tomy Masterpiece MPM-7 Movie Series Bumblebee


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When Decepticons are on your tail, Bumblebee is the Bot you want on your side. Behind the unassuming Volkswagen Beetle exterior is more than meets the eye. Full of youthful exuberance, he’s often underestimated, but the courageous Autobot scout is always ready to jump into adventure and defend his friends at any cost.

The Official Hasbro-Takara Tomy masterpiece movie series Bumblebee mpm-7 figure is the perfect authentic figure for fans and collectors alike, with features inspired by Transformers: Bumblebee. The figure showcases the upbeat Autobot scout with impressive attention to detail. Imagine unleashing Bumblebee action with a removable battle mask, articulated hands, hidden missiles, and stinger blaster and stinger sword accessories. Converts from robot to 1967 Volkswagen Beetle mode in 57 steps.

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