TOMY Pokemon Sun & Moon Petite Pals Froakie & Accessories Figure Pack


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A brand new world awaits you! Create and share your own stories in a whimsical Pokémon environment, filled with thematic destinations. Meet iconic Pokémon as you have rarely seen them before! Does something look different? Of course! These unique, stylized figures are designed with cuteness and are brimming with fun. Bring them into delightful settings, thanks to imaginative playsets and accessories. All figures and accessories feature miniature suction cups, making play exciting and customizable. Let your creativity go wild! Little figures. Big adventures. Includes 1 figure, 2 accessories and 1 half Poké Ball base. Place the figure and accessories inside the bases to carry them safely on your new adventures. You can also use the built-in hooks to attach the cases to your keychain.