Takara Tomy Pokemon Monster Collection EX Moncolle EMC-33 Stufful 2″ Figure


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Stufful is a Pokémon resembling a bear or Panda Cub. Its body and head are mostly pink, while its legs are brown. There is a single, pink paw pad on the bottom of each foot. There is a white, semicircle marking around its face similar to a headband, and it has a white muzzle with a triangular, black nose. Its white-tipped ears are situated on the sides of its head, and there is a small, white-tipped tuft of fur under each. There is a dark pink band around the center of its short, puffy tail. Under the tail is a small, white flap resembling the tag on a stuffed toy. This is actually an organ that releases an odor used to communicate with other of its kind. Approx. Size: 1.25″L x 1.25″W x 1″H