Takara Tomy Pokemon Monster Collection EX Moncolle Alolan Marowak Action Figure


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A Pokemon Moncolle figure of Alolan Marowak, measuring about 2.1 inches tall! In the Alola region, Marowak was faced with an abundance of its natural enemies, Grass-type Pokémon. This harsh environment led it to bond closely with its friends, which is said to have created a sort of sixth sense and caused it to take a new form. Alolan Marowak rubs the bone it wields against its forehead to light the ends in a green flame, and then twirl the flaming bone. It specializes in an attack where it releases a weak ball of flame from its bone that will relentlessly pursue its foe. Alolans would fear it for a conjurer, due to its rarity and the fearful sight of it dancing with its bone. Collect this powerful pokemon today!