(PRE-ORDER July 2022) Kotobukiya Hexa Gear Governor Armor Type Pawn X1 1/24 Scale Model Kit


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PRE-ORDER: July 2022.

The Armor Type Pawn X1 is a derivative of the Pawn A1 with enhanced BMI function. BMI is already standard equipment in various armor types, but the system needed to be optimized, which resulted in simplification. This succeeded in greatly reducing the burden on the wearer, but it was also unsatisfactory for the skilled user. The Pawn X1 is equipped with a redesigned system that allows finer settings according to the individuality of each governor, KARMA, and the Hexagear, and the intention to strengthen the connection between them can be seen. It was a Pawn X1 equipped with BMI that evolved in the direction of deeper synchronization between the Governor and KARMA, but its hardware performance is not much different from the Pawn A1, although its artificial muscles are slightly strengthened and it wears increased armor around the upper body.

This model kit from Kotobukiya is a variation kit of Armor Type Pawn A1 Ver. 1.5. The head, chest augmentation armor, shoulder armor, outer thighs, and large combat knives are newly molded! The large combat knife on the left thigh can be removed from the sheath and held in the hand; as an optional part, the assault rifle and knife that came with the Early Governor Vol. 1 are included.