Hot Wheels Track Builder MULTI LOOP BOX (Styles May Vary)


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​With 10 feet of track, connectors, launcher, Hot Wheels vehicle, and a Stunt Box— it’s all about the crazy loop action they build themselves! Kids can refer to the Builders Guide to help conquer the mega loop stunt, double loop challenge or the loop ‘n launch showdown. ​Customizing and imagining builds with all the tools in the box help kids work out their plan and execute their vision. With countless variations for re-configurability and customization kids are rewarded with super-cool builds and hours of fun. ​The box is the ultimate storage solution and its portable! The set is also brick compatible with pockets on the lid. Many of the items in the Multi Loop Box have more than one use, so kids can keep their imaginations—and their stunts—growing. Connects to other sets and track.