Bandai Gundam The Origin MS-05 Zaku I Char Aznable Battle of Mare Smythii HG 1/144 Model Kit


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The Char Custom Zaku I piloted by Char Aznable during the Battle of Mare Smythii is now available as a model kit! The Mobile Suit’s backpack uses all new molding to fit Char’s Custom Zaku I. Recreate the markings on every part of the MS using included Tetron stickers! All weapons used in the anime such as two types of Heat Hawk (sheathed and unsheathed) are included! Set includes MS machine gun, shield, heat hawk (unsheathed), heat hawk (sheathed), gun-wielding hand (right), weapon-wielding hand (clenched) (left and right) x1 each, and open hand (left). Runner x11. Tetron sticker x1. Instruction manual x1.