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Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online.Four of the five undefeated teams rank among the five stingiest defenses in the league so far this season in terms of points allowed, with the fifth team, the Broncos, in eighth. The defending champs are the most recent example of how a team can overcome middling quarterback play to win a Super Bowl, as they did in 2015. When they get above-average play from their passer, as the Broncos did from Siemian on Sunday, great defenses can make even really good teams like the Bengals look like they don’t belong.Who has the best defense in football right now? It’s tough to say, if only because three weeks isn’t a whole lot of data. Last year, the teams who were tops in the league through three weeks were generally among the best in football, but there was a lot of shuffling to be done.NFL Jerseys China.The Seahawks, who finished with the league’s best scoring defense, were 10th after three games. They were just ahead of the Eagles in 11th, and Philly ended up finishing with the fifth-worst defense in the league.Let’s try to run through the best defenses in the league, then, with the numbers from the first three weeks of 2016 and a few other useful dollops of information. (Week 3 isn’t over, but let’s just say Atlanta and New Orleans aren’t near this list.) What each team has done in 2016 is the most recent and important information, but this also will consider how they performed in 2015, the sustainability of that performance, and the quality of the opposition they’ve faced so far this season. There’s no bad spot on this list: Every one of these defenses is great. After seeing a run of dominant performances on Sunday, though, it seemed like a good idea to take stock of where the best of the best are at after Week 3.Cheap Football Jerseys Sale.

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